Venue and info

Venue and General Info

14th International Comics Festival of Athens: “Materials Resistance,” 2-11 November
Venue: Diplareios School, 3 Theatrou Square, Psirri.
Metro: Monastiraki & Omonia
Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 14:00-23:00, Saturday & Sunday: 12:00-00:00
Tickets: Day Pass € 3, 10 Day Pass: € 6
Free entrance for the unemployed (unemployment card required).

A few words about the history of the premises
Greek Manufacturing Society - Diplareios School
The Greek Manufacturing Society (EBE) was founded in Athens in 1892 by the University of Athens Professor, Stefanos Kyparissos, with the aim to promote and develop tuition-free technical training. Aristeidis Diplaris, a member of EBE since 1894, bequeathes upon his death a considerable heritage to the Society in order for a school bearing his name to be founded with the intent of offering free training to young people. Learning design and receiving professional training would enable young people to secure a job. The Arts and Crafts School opened in 1916 under the supervision of EBE-Diplareios School (a non-profit union) and used the premises of Varvakeios School. The overwhelming turn-out of students made the Board pursue the direction of obtaining a building for the School. The Board at that time (1920-1932) decided to put the heritage to use and raise complementary funds with a view to buying the property and building a four storey bloc (1928-1932) especially designed for strictly educational purposes, at Theatre Square and 6 Menandrou St. The building of Theatre Square was inaugurated in 1932. The School hosted over 65.000 students of all technical specialties, who subsequently came to staff the Greek industries, workshops, and the public sector. The School departments included Woodcarving, Millinery, Plastics, Geometrical design, Furniture, Drawing, Headwear, Cutting, Industrial Design, Woodworking, Electric Works, etc. Today, the School functions as an IIEK offering tuition-free computer training and training for tourist operators.