Thursday 8 November

“Why does the wind blow” (Duration 40΄)
The wind blows away, the tale is about to unfold...

Aristophanes – The Birds
Sunday 4 November

Aristophanes – The Birds (Duration 75΄)
4Frontal group
The way we conceive society around us, the way we can make it better, the way the utopia of a better politeia can improve everyday life. A rock performance for young people.

Can you hear the party?
Saturday 3 November

“Can you hear the party?” (Duration 50΄)
The clown Blum meets a bear which lures him to a deep sleep! When he wakes up his circus is gone ...!
With live music, tricks, puppets and a suitcase that speaks! By Sergios Gkakas.

Comics at the Parthenon?
Saturday 10 November & Sunday 11 November

Comics at the Parthenon?” (Duration 120΄)
Funny Things group
A creative encounter with the sculptures and bas-reliefs of the Parthenon through theatrical game, musical movement and elements of fine arts. For children aged 7-9 years old.

Crazy Concert
Friday 2 November & Sunday 11 November

Crazy Concert”    (Duration 20΄)
Baruti Group

Monday 5 November

DEMO” by the musical-theatrical group To Loukoumi (Duration 80΄)
A musical performance as the solution for the perfect radio show. The ideal demo which will change the future of the radio.

Four Short Stories
Wednesday 7 November

“Four Short Stories”
Students of the “Iakovos Kambanellis” Acting School (Duration 24΄)
Four unrelated stories varying from drama to comedy...
Teaching: Theodoros Espiritu

Ssh somebody is coming!
Tuesday 6 November

“Ssh somebody is coming!”  (Duration 60΄)
Ω² group
After the victory at the festival “Inventing the performance” the invented political comedy returns ... with no answers at all.
Directors: Amalia Ninou, Thanasis Zeritis