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Comics for absolute beginners
Parallel Events

Two meetings with the public about comics (“Recipes and Secrets”, “Fictitious and Real Worlds”) organized by Iconotopia from the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, Aegean University (Abraham Kawa, Panos Kritikos, Evi Sabanikou, Mirto Tselenti).


Multimedia performance, painting and music improvisation
Parallel Events

Live painting by Danijel Zezelj on big canvases accompanied by music by Jessica Lurie, played by Apostolos Kaltsas (bass) and Spiros Moschoutis (drums).

Shaman’s Way «For Leonard Peltier»
Parallel Events

Projections event by Shaman’s Way, titled “For Leonard Peltier” and dedicated to the leader of the Indian movement.

Parallel Events

Carpe Diem Group (Woozy, Kidd96, Raiden, Why, Same)

Parallel Events

Street performance by the cosmopolitan Alvaro from Uruguay and the well-known Greek collectives Tsirko Rentikolo and Commedia dell’ Arte.

Puppet theatre
Parallel Events

Puppet theatre staged by the Baruti group.