Έκθεση Danijel Zezelj

The important Croatian comic book artist, painter, illustrator, and author of graphic novels was born in 1966. Žeželj left his country for London in 1991, and then went to Italy and Seattle. He established himselg thanks to his black and white stories of a cruel poetics.

Ferenc Pinter
Illustration/ Graphic Design

Pinter was born in Liguria in 1931 to a Hungarian father and an Italian mother. He spent his childhood in Hungary where he also studied and went to Italy after 1956.

Θεματική έκθεση Ελλήνων δημιουργών

35 artists work on the theme “Urban Myths” to create their original stories for the thematic exhibition of the Festival.

Sotos Anagnos-Kostakis Anan

Μanos Antaras

Dimitris Vitalis

Kostas Vitalis

Leman: A turkish satirical magazine

An unexpected chance for the visitors of the Festival to get to know our neighbours’ sense of humor. Leman is an extremely popular weekly magazine that dates back to 1985.

Paolo Cossi

Born in Italy, 1980 Cossi is one of the important young artists of his country. He has published several graphic novels and has been awarded for the exceptionality of his style. His critically acclaimed comic “Medz Yeghem” was published in France and Spain in 2009.

Paper Resistance

The signature of the Italian artist who “invades”  urban spaces with his clean black and white line through every means possible: comics, posters, stickers, wall painting, book and fanzines publishing, collective artistic actions.

Philippe Druillet
Comics / Illustration / Objects

Druillet was born in Toulouse, 1944, and has been rightfully characterized as the last Renaissance artist of the 20th century and the first of the 21st century; he has taken an interest in literally everything: photography, comics, design, scenography, cinema, fashion, architecture, digital art, sculp

Comics/ Illustration

Born Raúl Fernández Calleja in Spain, 1960, Raúl has worked for the biggest newspapers and magazines of his country. He has also taken a professional interest in animation. He attended the Festival presenting a wide selection of his originals that showed the range of his work.