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Ten great Greek films test the strength of their materials. People drawn to extremes, characters put under pressure. Conditions which twist, deform or crash.

Friday 2 November & Saturday 3 November
Cinema / Video

Turn, twist. / A kind of stress of a solid body, caused by the action of two binary oppositional forces, which develop on parallel levels.

“John the Violent” (Ioannis O Viaios), by Tonia Marketaki             
Friday 2/11

Soul Kicking
Saturday 4 November & Monday 5 November
Cinema / Video

The process of compressing / mash or dissolution by pressing / mental debilitation

The Order” (Paraggelia), by Pavlos Tassios
Sunday 4/11

Soul Kicking” by Yiannis Ekonomides
Monday 5/11

Tuesday 6 November & Wednesday 7 November
Cinema / Video

The summing up of forces which act vertically on the surface of a body / the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc. / a constraining or compelling force or influence / an action which brings somebody in distress, difficulties, harassment; oppression, etc.

History 52
Thursday 8 November & Friday 9 November
Cinema / Video

Deterioration of shape and size of solid bodies due to effect of forces / the act of deforming; distortion; disfigurement/ a change in the shape or dimensions of a body, resulting from stress; strain / distortion and alteration/ deterioration of the image due to diversion by lens.

Saturday 10 November & Sunday 11 November
Cinema / Video

The practice of the result of breaking / the act of breaking; state of being broken/ do ~: Greek idiom a. for someone who is very effective and successful b. something bad that has expanded / also catastrophe, smash.