Thirteen (2009)
The number 13: Bad or good luck?

Urban Legends (2007)
The phenomenon of urban legends in comics

A Dream… Maybe (2006)
Utopia as a stimulus for creativity

Invisibles (2005)
A tribute to the anonymous everyday heroes

System (T)error (2004)
How comics expose the use of terror-mongering as a means of manipulation

Long Journeys (2003)
Comics as a vehicle for mind trips

The Other Half of the Sky (2002)
Representation of women in comics

Escape (2001)
Comics as a means of escape from reality. Or are they?

HA! (2000)
Humor in comics

Memory of the Future (1999)
A tribute to science fiction comics

From Silence to Explosion (1998)
Representation of sounds and their role in comics

Cities (1997)
Use and meaning of the urban space in comics

Colors of the Mediterranean (1996)
Comics of Mediterranean countries