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The International Comics Festival of Athens has been held for 14 times since 1996. The aim has always been to present the whole spectrum of contemporary artistic expression--comics always being at the core--to promote new Greek artists in Greece and abroad, to stimulate the contact of our visitors with internationally acclaimed artists. So far we have presented festivals of high artistic standards, of corresponding technical infrastructure, and always free of charge. Given the crisis, the sponsorship from public and private agencies is highly precarious. Still, we are about to prepare our 15th Festival, aiming at the usual standards, because we believe that in these adverse conditions it is essential--more than ever--that this accessible event continues its contribution to the cultural life of Athens. We kindly request your support, either through your donations and sponsorships, or just by simply circulating this note.



Should you wish to support the organization of the International Comics Festival of Athens and other events, you are requested to deposit any donation you wish, using  PayPal, the banking account provided below, or alternatively contact us at 210 3828866.
ATE Bank: 390-04-003117-86
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Below you can read support texts from comics artists and friends of the festival.

The Babel festival in Athens was one of the most fantastic comics events in the world and it always occupies first place in my personal list of festival experiences.

The Babel festival puts comics in their rightful position: within the context of social reality, merged with street art, music, and politics. Lovingly and caringly organized, it was an experience that will always be inspiring to me.

People told me: “Athens sucks,” adding: “It’s dirty, chaotic, and full of smog.” The more they said, the more anxious I became to get there. Finally the moment came: Babel festival in Gazi was once more ready to take Athens by surprise, to take us, the guests, by surprise.

It’s been many years since I attended the Comics Festival, as a guest of Babel; the theme of that festival was freedom and civil rights. At the time, I had stopped drawing and I was happy to discover how famous my small cell was in Greece.

The interest of my work lies in the critique of the language of images and the processing of aesthetic issues through books, magazines, the T.V., the web...