The International Comics Festival of Athens, commonly cited the Babel Festival, has been held since 1996 and is an established cultural institution for the city of Athens. Its cultural and communicative orientation has succeded in attracting international talent and to feature the work of internationally acclaimed artists in the fields of comics, fine arts, and music. At the same time, the Festival presents and methodically promotes the work of upcoming Greek artists; we pursue to boost their careers and foster opportunities for collaboration between the older and the younger generations of artists. The exhibits stretch over 2.000 m2 of indoor exhibition rooms while several concurrent live concerts and parallel happenings are held on the outdoor premises of the historic industrial facilities of the Technopolis complex in Gazi, Municipality of Athens. The Festival and its visitors merge into a dreamy universe; with comics as the starting point, the entirety of artistic expression is explored culminating in establishing a public sphere of dialogue, ideas, and aesthetic proposal.