Fun - Funtastic United Nations

Fun - Funtastic United Nations
Fun - Funtastic United NationsFun - Funtastic United NationsFun - Funtastic United Nations

The idea of FUN was conceived in 2001 by the Italian underground artists Piermarion Ciani (1951-2006) and Vittore Baroni (12956). They had both been involved for the previous twenty years in mail art, the independent music scene, collective multimedia projects (e.g. Trax, with Massimo Giacon) the activist game of multiple identities (Lieutenant Murnau, Mind Invaders, Luther Blissett), fictitious worlds and characters (Stickerman-Stickerland) and alternative editions. According to its founders, FUN is “an independent, hyper-national organization that hosts events, meetings, publications and exhibitions, promoting the collaboration between virtual states and worlds; money, passports and postage stamps are real but wars aren’t”. Some other active members of the project are Emanuela Biancuzzi, Ryosuke Cohen, David Vecchiato and many others. This exhibition presented series of postage stamps, the collection of bills from the Bank of FUN and the Calendars Calendaily FUN.
About Vittore Baroni and other relevant projects: