Frigidaire magazine

Frigidaire magazine

Part of the festival dedicated to the Italian comics magazine and exhibition of Stefano Tamburini and Filippo Scozzari. The legendary magazine was founded in 1980 by the editor Vincenzo Sparagna and the artists Tamburini, Scozzari, Pazienza, Mattioli, and Liberatore. The magazine was born during the decay of the great Italian social movements, and it had a major impact on the era. It revolutionized comics by being amazingly innovative and by showing the nightmarish new world. Frigidaire also contributed to changes in graphic design, illustration and written speech, through avant-garde reportages and interviews. The festival features a broad selection of typical Frigidaire covers and pages.

Stefano Tamburini
Comics/ Illustration/ Graphic Design
One of the most influential artists of his generation Tamburini was born in 1955 and passed away in 1986. He started out in 1974 as a graphic designer and moved on to comics and illustration for the alternative magazine “Cannibale” which he co-founded with artists who would later run “Frigidaire”. With Tanino Liberatore and Andrea Pazienza, he set up a first version of the underground comic “Ranxerox”. Later he limited himself to story-writing for Ranxerox, while the drawing was done by his friend Liberatore, and he was exclusively engaged in the illustration and layout of the magazine. Tamburini is thought to have turned over a new leaf in magazine aesthetics and has largely been imitated by his successors. 

Filippo Scòzzari
Comics/ Illustration
A key figure in Italian comics and illustration, he was born in Bologna in1946. He started publishing in “Alter Alter” and moved on to “Male”, “Cannibale”, and “Frigidaire”. Challenging and ingenious in every aspect of his art, highly active to this day, he has produced numerous graphic novels, comic albums, novels, book covers, and record covers.