Burgundy Grapes

Friday 2 November
Burgundy Grapes
Burgundy GrapesBurgundy GrapesBurgundy Grapes

Athens-based indie-folk-instrumental act Burgundy Grapes, a project based on the compositions of its core duo, Melbourn born-and-raised George Kolyvas and Alexandros Miaoulis, surfaced in 2005 with a home-recorded, self-financed, self-titled debut album on Ektopia/Outlandish, a tiny and now-defunct Athenian label. The group's debut release was followed by a limited-edition EP, "Lagero", on the Triple Bath label in February, 2009. The act's latest album "Man In The Lighthouse" was released in June, 2010 on Inner Ear Records.  Besides regular recording contributions from longtime friend and collaborator Giorgos Tsiatsoulis, mostly on accordion, the act's recordings have been embellished by a host of skilled contributors, including cellists Nikos Veliotis and Stavros Parginos, viola and violinist Fotis Siotas, multi-instrumentalist George Katsanos, as well as pianist Costas Kakouris. In recent times, the act's line-up for concerts, usually limited to just a handful per year and well worth considering, has consisted of Kolyvas, Miaoulis, Tsiatsoulis, and Parginos.