Despina Meimaroglou

Despina Meimaroglou
Despina MeimaroglouDespina Meimaroglou

Born in Alexandria in 1944. Studied Fine arts, Typography, Graphic design, at Kent Institute of Art & Design- UCA Maidstone, Kent, UK (1961-1965). Moved to Athens in 1966. For the next 10 years worked as graphic designer in advertising. Since 1981 has had 25 solo shows and has participated in important international shows at museums and Art institutions in Greece and abroad.  Since the mid nineties, participates in artists ‘workshops at several universities especially in the USA. Her work includes photographic installations, video projections, prints and artist books. In 2009, two of her characteristic installations participated at the 2nd Biennale of Thessaloniki and the Women’s Biennale in Incheon, S. Korea.
Artist statement
The issues that take hold of me and finally end up becoming my subject –matters usually derive from sociopolitical events that I watch obsessively, daily on the international news which define and pre-plan the human fates. Ever since my student years what fascinates me most is the projection/imprint of the image on a surface (hence the video-production which has become one of my main creatitivities in the last decade). I often use the printed words as images and mainly as ‘interpreters of feelings’. SHAME. Is the word I constantly repeat to myself every time I cross the threshold of my home is the word which converts itself into an image that oppresses me.  That is where my video "SHAME" derived from just recently.
Despina Meimaroglou
Athens, September 2012