Caterina Antonopoulou, Dafni Polyzou, Derek Finix

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
Mirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror MirrorMirror Mirror

Man's erroneous identification with a false image begins in his childhood during the mirror stage and accompanies him throughout his lifetime. In order to be accepted in society, people create a fictitious superficial image, imitating certain models, adapting their behavior to predefined roles, negating their true personality. The existence of an impersonal mass has always been an easy way to control people, impose models of behavior and certain opinions. But nowadays these masses created to facilitate control and oppression, reorganize their structure and react. Through collaborative networks, people start to communicate, collaborate, and create a new collective person. The mirror reflects a new face symbol of this collective person, instead of the expected reflection..
Online video:
Software: OpenFrameworks
Face Tracking Library: Jason Saragih & Kyle McDonald, Arturo Castro

Caterina Antonopoulou was born in Athens, in 1982. She is a software engineer and interdisciplinary artist. She perceives art works as multi-layered systems of experimentation, research and action, multimedia structures that are in constant interaction with socio-political reality and everyday life. Her artistic practice combines interactive installations, algorithmic video, real-time image and sound generation, performance and urban interventions. She participates in decentralized art collectives and knowledge sharing communities. She currently works at the Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus” in the field of educational digital multimedia and teaches interactive art at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Dafni Polyzou studied architecture at the university of Paris [ESA-Ecole Spéciale d’Achitecture] and she completed a master in digital arts [Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona]. Since then she explores the crossovers between arts and technology and the relations between sound and image and she is pursuing her own projects in the field of interactive installations and video art. She is currently working at the Integrated Systems Laboratory of Informatics and Telecommunications in NCSR - Demokritos, in the areas of virtual reality and 3d animation.

Derek Fenix was born in Santiago of Chile and currently lives in Athens. He has developed artistic activity in Barcelona and Berlin. His interests include poetry, theatre, video, installations, dance and performance. He studied Fine Arts  at the University of Chile and the University of Barcelona. He holds a master degree in Performing Arts by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he continues his research, as a PHD candidate. He's co-director of the Transdisciplinary Art Company He has exhibited his work in the Contemporary Art Museum of Santiago, the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) and the Kulturzentrum UferHallen of Berlin.