Poster Exhibition: "Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980–2009"

Designers UnitedAltervisionPropaganda

The exhibition presents posters designed by Thessaloniki graphic designers and shows the development of graphic design in the city during the last three decades. The posters were collected for the publication of the book with the same title by Red Creative. Through the whole collection we can see the influences of each period (artistic, formalist, conceptual) as well as the aesthetic tendencies and trends of the time (symbolism, colours, typography etc.) and how all these have changed by way of designing and technology (graphic programmes, new techniques of printing and production etc.). The exhibition includes works of individuals and groups (older and young ones) and presents first-prints where special techniques were applied (metal printing, use of Pantone colours, use of special papers). The presented materials were collected by the creators themselves for the publication “Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009, An Anthology” published by Red Creative for their twenty years in business and were exhibited for the first time in December 2011, in the Centre of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki.